Ontario Government Reviewing Services for Students with Communication Disorders

The Ontario government is currently running pilot projects to determine how best to provide services to school-aged children with language, stuttering and articulation disorders.  The present system is badly fragmented as noted by the Deloitte Report (p.8) of July, 2010. Students in Junior Kindergarten are serviced by the Preschool Speech and Language Program. After Year One, students with language disability are serviced by school board speech language pathologists (SLP) while students with stuttering and articulation disorders are serviced, in the school, by the School Care Program administered by Community Care Access Centres (CCAC).

Problems With The Present System

The CCACs use an expensive medical case management model that is completely inappropriate for students with articulation and stuttering problems.

Schools have the infrastructure (teams, referral procedures, record-keeping, etc.) to handle all communication problems. The present system duplicates these structures and operations. Parents must provide consent six times before a CCAC SLP sees their child.

At least 30% of students with articulation problems also have language problems leading to two SLPs seeing the same student.

Oral language disability directly affects reading, writing. mathematics and academic progress in all other subject areas.

The majority of students with behaviour disorders (60%) have a communication disorder as a contributing factor. These students need language assessment and intervention and academic program modification.

Where should services be based? The answer is obvious – within the school system. Parents will have easy access to the service, the full range of direct and consultative services can be provided as needed and the service will be appropriately integrated within the academic program. This will eliminate the fragmentation, duplication and wasted taxpayer dollars that characterize the present system.  Please sign our petition to urge the government to do the right thing.  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/sos-cd/

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Focus on Communication

Communication, for learning and for life, is highlighted by audiologists and speech language pathologists in Canada during the month of May.   At present, services to Ontario students with communication disorders is fragmented between government ministries, leading to duplication, red tape and inefficient use of tax dollars.  An extensive review of these services (see Deloitte Report) has indicated that the services should be consolidated.  Please sign our petition to Premier McGuinty urging him to correct this long-standing problem.  Follow the link below to make your voice heard.   http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/sos-cd/

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Support is Building

The petition to Premier McGuinty is attracting wide support and with good reason.  The present system of service to students with communication disorders is fragmented and wastes tax dollars.  Parents have to give consent, verbal and written,  six or seven times to access service for a child with speech disorders because of the duplication of bureaucracy.  There is now a move afoot to have these services based in childrens’ treatment centres.  The children are in school and communication disorders affect their school success.  The only logical solution is to base the service where the children are, in schools.  Please sign the petition and spread the word.  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/sos-cd/

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Respond to the Deloitte Report

The Ontario Government has asked the public to respond to the Deloitte Report.  You can view the full text of the report by clicking on the link at the right side of this page.  We urge all interested people to respond to the report AND add a comment on the last page of the survey asking the government to mandate, consolidate and fund services to students with communication disorders as an integral part of our educational systemhttp://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SHSS

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Sign the petition


We have started a petition to the Premier of Ontario to urge him to mandate, consolidate and fund speech language services for students with communication disorders as an integral part of our educational system.  Please go the the following site and read and sign this petition.   http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/sos-cd/


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The Ontario Government commissioned Deloitte consultants to review school health support services which include speech language pathology services.  Deloitte’s report of July, 2010, clearly stated that services to children with communication disorders is fragmented, with some services provided by speech language pathologists (SLPs) working for school boards and some provided by SLPs working for agencies contracted by Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) (p. 5) It also stated that the majority of stakeholders consulted believed that services for students with communication disorder should be consolidated. (p.38)  This site is dedicated to helping those stakeholders achieve that consolidation.  Click here to view Deloitte report

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