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We have started a petition to the Premier of Ontario to urge him to mandate, consolidate and fund speech language services for students with communication disorders as an integral part of our educational system.  Please go the the following site and read and sign this petition.



About Solutions for Ontario Students with Communication Disorders SOS-CD

Speech language pathologist working in the Ontario school system
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2 Responses to Sign the petition

  1. Lori Martin says:

    Make supporting children with communication challenges a priority. It is about OUR future as well as theirs. Waiting lists don’t help children in need now and every day that passes without support is one lost and the window of opportunity for intervention begins to close.

  2. Carmel Terner says:

    At the school board we are part of a team. Including teachers, psychologists, cyws, social workers, ots, pts, and of course students and their families. Ensuring that speech-language services are well-funded and well managed also means that slps will be a more efficient and productive member of that team, better coordinating their services within it.

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