Our Mission

The Ontario Government commissioned Deloitte consultants to review school health support services which include speech language pathology services.  Deloitte’s report of July, 2010, clearly stated that services to children with communication disorders is fragmented, with some services provided by speech language pathologists (SLPs) working for school boards and some provided by SLPs working for agencies contracted by Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) (p. 5) It also stated that the majority of stakeholders consulted believed that services for students with communication disorder should be consolidated. (p.38)  This site is dedicated to helping those stakeholders achieve that consolidation.  Click the link to view the full text of the report. https://slpservicesontario.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/deloitte_shss_review_report.pdf


One Response to Our Mission

  1. Terri Whitfield says:

    As an SLP who provides speech and language services to preschool aged children I have grave concerns about moving SHSSP to education. The children who have communication disorders who fit the eligibility criteria for SHSSP need intensive intervention. The majority of school board SLP services are consultative in nature. More and more school boards are moving to this model and away from individual or small group therapy. Children with severe articulation or fluency or voice issues need more than consultation in the classroom. Has the Education Act been revised to include speech and language services as mandated services? I would think that the model of service delivery in the school and the fact that SLP services are not mandated in schools would have to change before any “consolidation” could take place.

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